Where it started.

I should start by saying that, “Where it started” is in reference to the blog. It has little to do with the intended content of future blogs. I happened across a Facebook post related to “Indigo Adults”. In the articles that I read following having read the post, I find myself a strong (90 – 96%) match for the traits. One in particular, is the indigo tendency to perform very poorly whmattering to communicate through writting.

I have never blogged or been a consistent reader of anyone else’s. Though I do know myself to not be particularly consistent with my writting, and that I am frequently guilty of horribly long run on sentences, my messages will be understood. My writting will often make readers think of me as a bit peculiar and I have been told it can leave people confused (not about the writting, about me).

I have decided to commit to at least one blog per week, though I suspect there will be more. The description “Bushcraft, Buddhism, Vikings, and Mischief” is no misnomer, I assure. The only things in my life that I am sure any might actually be interested, or that I would be interested in sharing all fall nicely into that subject matter. Luckily for me, and hopefully any that may so choose to read, is that that is a pretty wide set of parameters.

I hope I can keep you interested and maybe I can teach you a thing or two along the way.


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