fluidity of being.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Ice, Water, Steam.”

The nature of being and the ceaseless change of self are issues that are constantly present. As a practicing Buddhist, many of the teachings I have been exposed to prompt us to see life as a flow of water passing through our perception. Not only does the speed of the flow change, but the things floating by, our passing thoughts. If we mindfully observe this flow we can begin to have an expanded understanding of the nature of ourselves.

Water though, is far more adaptable and clever than we. It comes from many directions and by more than one name. It becomes easy to see the water flow past, though it may take quite a long time to learn the value of the things that pass. The real value of the process comes from learning to see and note the more subtle contents and approaches of the flow. The most beautiful streams and waterfalls in the world, and in our minds, have hidden contents that can be very difficult for us to understand or even notice. Storms and blizzards and glacial movements aren’t always very subtle but they aren’t necessarily obvious to us. Watching the mind as water can be a very useful tool but we must be certain to take into consideration the fact that it is the transformative nature of water that makes it so appropriate for the task. It makes it simultaneously confusing and difficult to interpret.

Obviously the flow we see in our lives will be in constant change and we will have to keep ourselves adaptable and embrace the evolution of the process. Whether it comes to us as a babbling brook or as a hurricane, we must be present.


Introduction to Thom.

Greetings and salutations fellow bloggers/readers. My name is Thom. I am a thirty two year old white man, father of two, ex husband of two, and most other parts of my existence can be some up as the results of being an ocd/ADHD eccentric nut job. Not “crazy” in any legitimate medical sense, just a nut job.

As of yet, I have only published one other post. I am however, quite committed to following through with this blogging 101 course. I look forward to all of the writing, reading, and learning. It will be very nice to have folks to share the experience with.

Where it started.

I should start by saying that, “Where it started” is in reference to the blog. It has little to do with the intended content of future blogs. I happened across a Facebook post related to “Indigo Adults”. In the articles that I read following having read the post, I find myself a strong (90 – 96%) match for the traits. One in particular, is the indigo tendency to perform very poorly whmattering to communicate through writting.

I have never blogged or been a consistent reader of anyone else’s. Though I do know myself to not be particularly consistent with my writting, and that I am frequently guilty of horribly long run on sentences, my messages will be understood. My writting will often make readers think of me as a bit peculiar and I have been told it can leave people confused (not about the writting, about me).

I have decided to commit to at least one blog per week, though I suspect there will be more. The description “Bushcraft, Buddhism, Vikings, and Mischief” is no misnomer, I assure. The only things in my life that I am sure any might actually be interested, or that I would be interested in sharing all fall nicely into that subject matter. Luckily for me, and hopefully any that may so choose to read, is that that is a pretty wide set of parameters.

I hope I can keep you interested and maybe I can teach you a thing or two along the way.